The mission of Records and Information Management (RIM) is to develop, manage and safeguard Countywide official records and informational assets, both paper and electronic, by guiding the management, retention, access, storage and disposition of those assets.

RIM is designed to comply with the State of Illinois Local Records Act, the Illinois Administrative Code, the Cook County Records Compliance Ordinance; providing consultative and operational assistance to all departments concerning records management, retention, disposition and secure information management practices.

What is a Record?

A record is any information which functions as evidence of activities or evidence of intentions within an agency or organization.

Examples of formats that RIM accepts include: paper documents, writings, graphs, charts, photographs, sound records, video images, electronic documents, e-mail messages, text messages, back-up tapes, disks, digital-based recordkeeping systems that provide input/content for other business records and raw data in electronic repositories.

FOIA Requests

To submit a Freedom of Information Request, please visit our FOIA Information page for more details and links to each agency. 

PLEASE NOTE: This office does not manage FOIA requests.

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