Women's Commission Members

The Women’s Commission is composed of twenty-one members. The County Board President appoints four at-large members, including the chairperson, and each County Commissioner appointments a member to represent their district. Members of the Commission have experience working toward the improvement of the status of women and girls in society and are representative of the diverse racial, ethnic, religious, age, sexual orientation and socioeconomic backgrounds of the residents of Cook County.

Meetings of the Women's Commission

The Commission on Women's Issues holds regular monthly meetings at 69 W. Washington Street, Suite 1415, Chicago, Illinois. The regular meeting schedule is the third Thursday of each month (unless designated otherwise) at 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. Meetings of the Cook County Commission of Women's Issues are open to the public. If you need a sign language interpreter or any other assistance, please contact the Board at least 72 hours prior to the date of the scheduled meeting at the numbers listed above.

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Commission Members


Audra Wilson


1st District

Mary Gardner

2nd District

Nakisha Hobbs

3rd District

Dr. Frances G. Carroll

4th District

Echelle Mohn

5th District

Umi Brooks

6th District

Susette Lunceford

7th District

Michelle Garcia

8th District

Mariana Osoria

9th District

Marjorie A. Manchen

10th District

Neha Gill 

11th District

Hon. Ginger Rugai

12th District

Danielle Parisi Ruffatto

13th District

Phoebe Snowe

14th District

Michelle Kohler

15th District

Rebecca Darr

16th District

Claudia Ayala

17th District

Melissa Bukovatz

Commissioners At-Large

Dr. Aparna Sen-Yeldandi

Andrea A. Raila