Proposed Business Case: Affordable Housing Model

Hill Arboretum Apartments

Hill Arboretum Apartments is owned and operated by Over The Rainbow Association, a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide accessible and barrier free housing to people with physical disabilities. This property houses their offices, as well as 33 residences. All resident households are less than 80 percent of Area Median Income, as are 47 percent of households in the surrounding five-mile area, qualifying them for an Illinois Solar for All subsidy.

This presents a unique opportunity to build a small community solar program that exclusively serves low-income households and a nonprofit anchor, qualifying the project for additional incentives in the form of higher SREC values.


Hill Arboretum Apartments : Synopsis

Hill Arboretum Apartments : Case Study

Hill Arboretum Apartments : Solar Design

Hill Arboretum Apartments : Financial Model - Developer

Hill Arboretum Apartments : Financial Model - Host


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