Democratic party picked in ballot lottery

The Democratic nominee for the 2nd Congressional District will have the top ballot position in the April 9, 2013 Election following a drawing conducted on February 28th by Cook County Clerk David Orr and Deputy Director of Elections Noah Praetz. At 11 a.m., Orr displayed slips of paper with the parties' names written on them, one Democratic and the other Republican. Orr and Praetz each folded one slip of paper and inserted it into its own yellow pill bottle. The bottles were placed into a large fish bowl. Orr held the bowl, stirred the bottles and Praetz pulled out a bottle. Orr unfolded the card reading Democratic Party. For verification, the other bottle was opened to display the card reading Republican Party. A lottery is conducted prior to each General Election to determine the order in which the major political parties will appear on the ballot.


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