Temporary Equipment for Reprocessing of Construction and Demolition Material

Service Information

Application requirements for a Temporary Rock Crusher permit are described in the Temporary Rock Crusher Permit Application and in Section 30-388 of the Cook County Code of Ordinance.

To apply for a Temporary Rock Crusher Permit:

Three permits are required in order to authorize use of equipment engaged in temporary rock crushing operations. The first is the Equipment Registration Permit, the second is obtaining a Certificate of Operation and the third is the Temporary Rock Crusher Permit.

1. Equipment Registration Permit:  This permit can only be applied for and payment made online. To apply online, go to the Cook County DES Portal. Note: An Equipment Registration permit is a one-time permit. The Equipment Registration permit will allow the use of equipment until receipt of the annual Certificate of Operation (see #2).

2.  Certificate of Operation: Applicants who have received their Equipment Registration permit will be invoiced by the department annually for a Certificate of Operation for the continued use of the equipment.

3. Fill out a Temporary Rock Crusher permit application.  

 Mail in application and payment to:   

Temporary Rock Crusher Permit
Cook County Department of Environment and Sustainability
69 W. Washington St
Suite 1900
Chicago, IL 60602

4. Permit review.  Permit will be reviewed, and you will be notified if any changes are required or if your permit has been approved.

5. A permit will be mailed to you approving a permit application. Note: A new Temporary Rock Crusher permit application is required if the equipment is moved to a new location not included in the current permit.

For questions, please call 312.603.8215 or email wasteandrecycling@cookcountyil.gov