What to Expect During Your Hearing


When you arrive at your designated hearing location, the first thing you will do is check in by filling out an appearance form. A member of our staff will tell you where you should wait for your hearing.

Before your hearing begins, the administrative law judge that will hear your case will instruct you to speak with the Cook County States’ Attorney or member of the department alleging the ordinance violation. You may attempt to settle your case with the States’ Attorney. If you agree to a settlement with the States’ Attorney, you will go back into the courtroom and finalize that agreement on the record in front of the administrative law judge.

If you cannot agree on a settlement, you will return to the courtroom and have a hearing in front of the administrative law judge. You and the States’ Attorney may present testimony and evidence. After evidence and testimony has been heard, the administrative law judge will make a ruling.

If you have been found LIABLE, you can take your Findings, Decisions, and Orders (FDO) to the Dept. of Revenue and pay the amount you’ve been found to owe. If you have been found NOT LIABLE, the administrative law judge will print out a FDO for your records and your case will be over.

If you disagree with the Administrative Law Judge’s decision, you have 35 calendar days to appeal to the Circuit Court of Cook County located at the Richard J. Daley Center, 50 West Washington, Chicago, IL 60602.