Statement from Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle on the Civic Federation's Support of the County's Proposal FY2017 Budget

I am pleased to learn of the Civic Federation’s support today of our FY2017 executive budget proposal. To have the endorsement of this organization, and others, as we confront both the short- and longer-term fiscal challenges facing Cook County is gratifying.  We appreciate that the Civic Federation finds our budget to be “reasonable, including difficult expenditure reductions and revenue measures that will balance the County’s budgets through FY2019.” Like the bond ratings agencies, the Civic Federation is recognizing our focus on long-term financial stability and for this very reason all three major rating agencies upgraded our outlook to stable, firmly in investment grade territory during the last year. 


Our budget establishes a responsible three-year path to maintain our commitment in the public health and public safety arenas while also allowing us to continue to invest in programs that address the violence plaguing many of our communities. Additionally, and together with expense reductions, our revenue proposal meets our financial needs while at the same time addressing a critical public health concern. We anticipate bringing this budget to the full Board next month and pledge to our residents that we will continue to operate Cook County responsibly, efficiently and accountably.


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