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Cook County Residential Rental License Ordinance

On June 29th 2016, the Cook County Board of Commissioners passed the Rental Dwelling Ordinance which requires the owners of the multi-unit buildings of four (4) or more units to obtain a Residential Rental License effective January 1st 2017

The Cook County Board of Commissioners has deemed it necessary to establish a Residential Rental License for Unincorporated Cook County in order to effectively protect the public health, general welfare and safety of its residents.

The Cook County Department of Building and Zoning aims to ensure residential rental units comply with the minimum standards of habitation, occupancy, construction maintenance, proper use, appearance and with the building and zoning codes adopted by Cook County.

A Residential Rental License is required to be obtained by the owner of each rental dwelling unit (including condominium units) in buildings of four (4) or more units. An interior inspection of the residential rental unit will also be required.

A complete copy of the Residential Rental License Ordinance can be found under ORDINANCES AND CODES (Chapters 102-180 through 102-197  Fees Sec 32.1 CH 102-155.8)

Residential Rental Dwelling Ordinance

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