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Electronic Permits-Apply Online!

The Department of Building and Zoning is launching a new service for the residents and businesses located in unincorporated Cook County. E-Permits

To find out if your property is in the unincorporated Cook County, please use the interactive mapping application:  COOKVIEWER .

Now you can apply for 14 different kinds of permits online. (Deck, Driveway, Fence, Flatwork, Generator, Masonry Wall, Pool, Re-roof, Shed/detached Garage, Signs, Sump-pump, Tent, Window Replacement).

If a type of permit is not mentioned above, or if your scope of work involves two or more of the types mentioned above, please send in your application and supporting documents to

Refer to the Permit Requirements section of the website. Submitting all the required documents will reduce deficiencies and facilitate faster approval.

Minimum requirements of these e-permits are:

  • Permit Application - Click Here
  • Plat of Survey
  • Scope of Work
  • Letter/s of Intent from Contractor/s
  • Deposit of $100
  • Include Estimated cost of work on the application
Note: The permit number on the receipt is actually the reference number. The permit number will be sent to you when the intake processes the initial review.

NOTE: If you have applied for a permit please do not apply again for the same scope of work. We will not process it and it will be voided. If you need to submit additional documentation for a permit that was applied as E-permit please send it to . write the Permit# in the subject line.



Before continuing, please verify that the property you are requesting a permit for is located in UNINCORPORATED COOK COUNTY. Permits cannot be processed for properties located in the City of Chicago or properties within the incorporated municipal boundaries of suburban cities and villages. Please do not submit a new application if you have already applied for a permit.

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