Building and Zoning Multi Dwelling Units

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Multi Dwelling Registration

Any building that has more than four residential units including condominiums (NEWLY ADOPTED AS OF 2015 SEC102-105.3-4) that also have four or more units in the building must register the building with the Cook County Department of Building and Zoning

The initial registration fee is $105. Every year the registration must be renewed and the fee is $52.50. The registration fee cannot be prorated and is nonrefundable. If there is any gap in registration for more than one year, the renewal fee will revert to $105. If there is a change in ownership for the property, the new owner must submit a new registration and $105 initial registration fee within 45 days of taking ownership.



(a) Periodic Inspection of Buildings

(i) The Building Commissioner and his assistants shall make an annual inspection of all buildings, structures, and uses for which a certificate of compliance (occupancy) or business license has been issued; except single-family dwellings. It shall be the duty of every owner, agent, lessee, or occupant of any such building and of the person in charge or control of same to permit the making of such annual inspection by the Building Commissioner or by a duly authorized building inspector at any reasonable time upon demand being duly made.   

Starting December 1st, 2022 Late fee will be Reinstated for all unpaid invoices.