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If you have information concerning unlawful political discrimination in connection with any aspect of Cook County government employment, you may seek relief in accordance with the claim and arbitration procedure established by the Supplemental Relief Order (SRO) in Shakman v. Cook County, 69 C 2145 (N.D. Ill.) or pursuing a claim under applicable law.

As of February 21, 2012, all post-SRO complaints relating to Cook County government under the offices of the President, the Health and Hospitals System of Cook County, and the Forest Preserve District of Cook County will be addressed by the OIIG in accordance with the transition order entered by the federal court in the matter of Shakman v. Cook County, 69 C 2145 (N.D. Ill.).

Political patronage can be defined as the control of or power to make appointments to government jobs, or the power to grant other political favors; the distribution of jobs and favors on a political basis to those who have supported one’s party or political campaign or political organization. Not all political patronage is unlawful. The rights established under the various orders in the Shakman lawsuit only pertain to unlawful political discrimination. This means that if a job position is considered an EXEMPT position, the County can appoint or hire an individual specifically based upon their political affiliation if the County so desires. However, for all job positions that are not exempt, the County (or anyone acting on behalf of the County) cannot discriminate against a job applicant, employee, or former employee based upon that individual’s political affiliation or non-affiliation.

Additionally, it is unlawful, with respect to non-exempt positions within Cook County government, to either directly or indirectly influence any term or condition of employment because of political reasons or factors, including political affiliation, political support or activity, political financial contributions, promise of future political support, or failure to provide support.
Please print the form below, complete, and return to our office by mail or email.

  • SRO Complaint Form for all employees within Cook County government under the Offices of the President, the Health and Hospital System of Cook County and the Forest Preserve District of Cook County.

If you would like to report a political contact (Political Contact Log), or if your complaint does not involve unlawful political discrimination or a political contact, please see the Related Services.

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