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Cook County Vacant Building Ordinance - Online

If I own a vacant building in unincorporated Cook County, what do I need to do?

  • Vacant buildings represent a public nuisance the can result in public health and safety issues in our communities and place a financial strain on local government agencies. Therefore, in order to effectively protect the public health, general welfare, and safety of the citizens of Cook County, the County Board has implemented the Cook County Vacant Building Ordinance, effective February 14, 2012.
  • The ordinance requires that vacant property in unincorporated Cook County as well as within “participating” municipality borders  be registered. Owners of a building that has been vacant for more than 30 days in unincorporated area  must register the building with Cook County Building and Zoning (B&Z) Department. $250 initial registration fee is required. The renewal fee for each registered building shall be $500.00
The list of participating municipalities are as follows:
  1. Village of Ford Heights
  2. Village of Worth
  3. Village of Oak Lawn