Welcome to the information page for demolition of the vacant building at 450 E. 51st Street, the former Sengstacke Clinic


Cook County will soon begin demolition of a four-story building at 450 E. 51st Street that originally served as professional offices for the old Provident Hospital. The 72-year-old building, vacant for nearly a decade, has been used in recent years primarily for records storage and administrative functions. The demolition is expected to take eight to nine months.

Site location: The building that’s being demolished is on a site bordered on the north by East 50th Place, on the south by East 51s St., on the west by East Washington Park Court and on the east by Provident Hospital of Cook County.  Please note that the John Sengstacke Health Center located inside Provident Hospital of Cook County will not be affected by the demolition.

Demolition hours of operation: Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Mesh will be installed on a construction fence surrounding the site.

Demolition method: The building will be demolished using hydraulic excavators fitted with appropriate demolition attachments. This proven, safe, and controlled demolition method takes buildings apart piece by piece without using explosives.

Dust control and air quality: Water is crucial for controlling demolition dust, primarily through use of high-pressure water cannons that wet down masonry, concrete, wood, and other materials pulled from the building as demolition progresses. Licensed air sampling professionals will conduct onsite air quality monitoring to ensure that dust emissions are properly managed and stay within levels allowed by environmental health regulators.  Once demolition has begun, a link to the air quality monitoring table, as well as an explanation on how to read the table, will be availble on this website.

Truck traffic: Demolition crews will use the 51st St. gate as the primary access to and from the site, and all semi-trucks and employee vehicles will be staged onsite within the construction fence. When debris and material are removed from the site, truck traffic will be limited to three to six trucks running eight-hour shifts. During backfill operations, when trucks haul dirt to the site to fill excavated areas, a maximum of ten trucks will operate each day. The 51st St. gate will have a dedicated flagger for traffic control.

Once demolition has begun, communtiy members with immediate concerns about the site such as truck traffic or noise can call 312-724-9974. Please leave a detailed message and phone number so a County spokesperson can return your call within one business day.