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Cook County Living Wage Ordinance

This ordinance requires that all employers who contract with Cook County government to provide labor or who operate on property in Cook County that receives a Class 6B, Class 8 or Class 9 property tax incentive pay their employees not less than a living wage as determined annually by Cook County's Chief Financial Officer. As of 2024, the living wage is $15.00/hr with employer-provided healthcare benefits, and $18.75/hr without.

Living Wage Ordinance

Complaints and Inquiries

Employees who believe that their employer has violated the Cook County Living Wage Ordinance should contact the Cook County Commission on Human Rights about filing a complaint. The Commission investigates complaints to determine if a violation of the Ordinance has occurred. The Chief Procurement Officer for Cook County or the Cook County Assessor then reviews the Commission's recommendation and makes a policy consideration as to whether to pursue back pay, debarment of a County contractor or subcontractor, revocation of a property tax incentive or other appropriate remedies.

Employers can contact the Cook County Bureau of Finance for advice regarding compliance with the Cook County Living Wage Ordinance. 

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