Employee Appeals Board

Any public comment can be made in person or by submission to employeeappeals.board@cookcountyil.gov or by telephone at (312) 603-7876 on or before 1:30 p.m. on the date of the meeting.  Any and all submissions made by the public will be read into the recording of the public meeting.  The open session recording will be promptly posted to the Employee Appeals Board website for the public to view.

EAB 4-28-2020 Part 1

EAB 4-28-2020 Part 1 (Audio)

EAB 04-28-2020 Part 2

EAB 04-28-2020 Part 2 (Audio)


Title                            Employee Appeals Board

Contact Name           G. A. Finch

Contact Title             Chairperson

Contact Email            EmployeeAppeals.Board@cookcountyil.gov

Function                     The Employee Appeals Board exists to hear career service employees' appeals of termination for cause, demotion and suspensions of 11 days or more.

Member Name                    Appointed By                                        Position

G. A. Finch                              Cook County Board President              Chairperson

Michelle Whatley                   Cook County Board President               Member

Arthur Wheatley                    Cook County Board President               Member

Gregory Zyvert                      Cook County Board President               Member

Term                           Six Years

Confirmation        Yes, by Cook County Board

Compensation      Members earn $500 per official meeting of the Employee Appeals Board attended, not to exceed $12,000.

Qualifications       No.  Selection exclusively at the discretion of the Cook County President

Composition          Five (5) members, all appointed by the President of Cook County Board of Commissioners

Authority                Section 44-59 of Cook County Code of Ordinances