Property Tax Reform Group

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In October 2023, the Office of the President published "Property Taxes in Cook County: Introduction to Reform" written by the Cook County Property Tax (PTAX) Reform Group. 

The PTAX Reform Group is the first working group of its kind in Cook County. Built across key County offices, the PTAX Reform Group has taken an in-depth look at the way an antiquated and siloed system has affected taxpayers and the communities that need services to thrive.

The report discusses how the property tax system works, identifies challenges we face, and begins to look at key areas for reform. 

In 2023, CMAP and the UIC Government Finance Research Center, on behalf of the Cook County Property Tax Reform Group and with support from the Cook County Office of the President, analyzed homestead exemptions to understand their impacts across the county. This work offers insights on how exemptions can affect taxpayers and taxing districts differently as well as options to mitigate some unwanted effects and enhance homeowners’ savings. To learn more, click here. To read the full report, click here.