Digital Equity

President Preckwinkle Announces First-Ever Digital Equity Action Plan to Bridge Digital Divide in Cook County

Action Plan and Interactive Digital Equity Map Released in Celebration of Digital Inclusion Week

In celebration of Digital Inclusion Week 2023, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle released Cook County’s first-ever Digital Equity Action Plan. The plan offers a strategic framework to ensure that all Cook County residents have equitable access to the digital infrastructure, devices and tools to thrive in today’s economy and society. It also invites residents, businesses and community organizations to collaboratively build impactful solutions in the areas of digital accessibility, confidence, safety and security, and infrastructure. To kick off Digital Inclusion Week, Cook County’s Bureau of Technology also released an interactive Digital Equity Map which allows residents to gain insights about digital access in their communities. 

Digital Equity Action Plan

Plan de Accion de Equidad Digital

Digital Equity Map

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